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School is back in session...

Parents:  Please remind kids waiting for school buses (and returning home) to watch for cars and stay out of intersections.
Drivers:  Please watch out for kids waiting for school buses (and returning home).
Thank you.
York Place Board

A Reminder from Washtenaw Sheriff's Department -

Please keep you cars locked while in your driveway and by all means do not leave your keys in your cars. I was informed of an incident that occurred recently. Our Deputies responded to an incident in the Township ref to a suspicious person that had left his car parked in a driveway and walked away. While our deputies were looking for this person they came across a vehicle that was parked in a garage. This car was unlocked and the keys were in the car. The garage door was standing wide open

Please remember to remove your keys and lock your doors while your cars are parked at your home. Last year there was a rash of incidents in York Township where several cars were gone through and items taken from vehicles that were not locked. So please lets make sure we do a simple thing as lock our doors to prevent such a thing from occurring again. Thanks!

What issues affect you, the homeowner?
Voice any questions or concerns you may have to our board, at ypboard@yorkplacehoa.org.

This is the homepage of the York Place Homeowners Association. York Place is located in a rural setting in York Township outside of Saline city limits. It was established in 2000 and is completed with 106 beautiful one-acre single-family homes. These web pages are intended for the use of the homeowners and affiliated organizations.

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  • Auto larcenies continue to be a crime of opportunity. Make sure your cars are locked and valuables are secured out of sight (preferably out of the car).